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Guest blogger: Chris Eyre

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

What can I say what can I say!!

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I read that the Vatican thinks Avatar flirts with the idea, “worship of nature can replace religion…”.

What an incredible statement on so many levels. I for one “hope so…”.

Didn’t their god create “nature?” why the fear of nature. After all, we all agree that nature will eventually either wipe us out or wipe us out.

Also, didn’t know these two things were mutually exclusive. Can’t I have nature Monday and Tuesday, religion on Wednesday night, and then nature again until Sunday???

Besides the congratulations to our own Wes Studi on this movie – I believe there is no higher honor for a NATIVE movie.

Re: some of my movies – SMOKE SIGNALS – is a movie about a boy trying to forgive his father; SKINS – is a movie about a non-sexual “bro-mance.” If you think either one of those movies is about drunk-indians “you can’t differentiate what you see from how you see it!”.

Best to all the young native filmmakers and those that advance the good of our experience with one other.

Chris Eyre -

Chris Eyre is a Cheyenne/Arapaho filmmaker. Smoke Signals, his first feature film, was one of the five highest-grossing independent films in 1998. A classic story of a man coming to terms with his father, Smoke Signals won the Audience Award and Eyre received the Filmmaker’s Trophy at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival. His other films include A Thief of Time and Skinwalkers, based on the novels of Tony Hillerman, the award-winning Edge of America, and the short film A Thousand Roads for the Smithsonian’s National Museum for the American Indian. Eyre also directed several episodes of PBS’ acclaimed history series American Experience. His next feature, A Year in Mooring, will be released in 2011.